Hikari Sapphire Super Repelant Ceramic Coating


A ceramic coating which protects your car paint work with an inorganic hard glass coating that gives a solid finish and mirror-like sheen with a long lasting water/grime repellent effect.



  • SUPER WATER / DIRT REPELLENCY – H.S. coating has a strong long lasting water/dirt repellent effect which protects against dirt and grime
  • LUSTER LONG LASTING BRILLIANT SHINE – No Need to use wax after H.S. coating
  • SOLID CERAMIC FILM COATING – 7H Glass coating film lasts up to five years
  • ULTRA VIOLET PROTECTION – H.S. is an inorganic coating that is not affected by strong ultra violet rays helping to preserve the car sheen from discoloration and fading
  • EASY WASHING, EASY CLEANING – H.S. repels dirt and grime making car washing easy Applying H.S. to PLASTICS

Other hard ceramics may not be suitable for plastic surfaces, however H.S is suitable for plastic application and will restore its shine and luster.

CONDITIONER Tester Included.
*We recommend regularly applying HIKARI Conditioner (sample included) after six or more months have passed since using this product. Please apply the conditioner after washing your car once in 3-4months.
HIKARI conditioner can be used on the glass and rubber surfaces.To apply, simply spray 2-3 times directly to the car body and glass and then wipe away with the towel included. (Repeat in blocks of approx.100cm2.)
This complete the application process.