Hikari Diamond Ultra Durable Ceramic Coating


HIKARI Diamond is an inorganic ceramic coating that protects your car paintwork with a hard film, not affected by ultra violet rays and preserves the sheen of your clear coat from discoloration, gives a solid finish and mirror-like sheen with a long lasting water and grime repellent effect.



Main Features:

  • HARD CAR BODY PROTECTION – H.D. coating 9H hardness is one of the strongest hard coatings on the market
  • DURABLE SOLID CERAMIC COATING – H.D. Solid coating lasts up to 5 years
  • SCRATCH RESISTANT FUNCTION – H.D. is resistible to everyday use and automatic car wash minor scratches
  • LONG LASTING BRILLIANT SHINE – No need to use luster wax after H.D.Coating
  • HYDROPHOBIC EFFECT – H.D. coating has a water/dirt repellent effect which protects against dirt and grime
  • ULTRA VIOLET PROTECTION – H.D. is a inorganic coating that is not affected by strong ultra violet rays helping to preserve the car sheen from discoloration and fading.
  • EASY WASHING, EASY CLEANING – H.D. repels dirt and grime making car wash easy

CONDITIONER Tester Included

*We recommend regularly applying HIKARI Conditioner (sample included) after six or more months have passed since using this product. Please apply the conditioner after washing your car once in 3-4months.

HIKARI conditioner can be used on the glass and rubber surfaces.To apply, simply spray 2-3 times directly to the car body and glass and then wipe away with the towel included. (Repeat in blocks of approx.100cm2.)
This complete the application process.