Hikari Black Star Tyre Coating


Treat your wheels to a beautiful black sheen
Long lasting – 3 months, 3000km!

Black sheen, Water repellent, Oil repellent, Stain repellent, Unaffected by UV rays, Strong coat.



Main Features:

  • Strong Coat – Silicone gives a strong coat that follows the movement of the tyres and does not run in rain or when washed.
  • UV Protection – Special formula protects the tyres from UV rays, preventing cracks and colour fading.
  • Special Oil Compound – Water and oil repellent oil penetrates through to the inside of the tyres and prevents stains.
  • Great Shine – Get back the original shine of your tyres.

Long lasting – 3 months, 3000 km!


How to Use:

Clean the dirt from the tyres using a suitable tyre cleaner or shampoo.
Remove all moisture from the tire and ensure the tyre is dry.
Using the sponge from the set, apply an even coat onto the side of the tyre and leave to dry.
Apply a second coating to the tyre once the first has fully dried.