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Want to promote your brand on your company vehicle? Or maybe you just want to ensure your car is protected from fades and scratching? Vinyl wraps allow your vehicle to have optimal protection, while still looking sleek and unique. In addition to having your business promoted on your freshly vinyled vehicle, the vinyl wrap functions as a barrier to protect your car’s original paint job from wear and tear and damage.

At SRS Automotive Tinting Solutions, we know you want to take effective care of your investment, which is why you want to purchase a vinyl car wrap. Vinyl wraps can last up to seven years if maintained properly, had proper installation and a great vinyl brand. So how can you ensure your vinyl car wrap lasts seven years? Keep reading!

Hand Wash Your Vehicle

Your vehicle is your brand ambassador, your identity and a reflection of your lifestyle. You want to ensure that it’s kept in top condition to be both visually appealing and have it last longer. Grab a mild detergent or soap and warm water, then apply it to a sponge or rag and hand wash your vehicle. Car washes have strong jets which can damage the vinyl by causing it to lift at the seams. The bristles and brushes of a car wash can also scratch through the vinyl and fade the vehicle’s colours from harsh chemical exposure.

Wash It Often

Using the effective hand washing method, keep up with your vehicle’s maintenance frequently. If you’re on the go with your company vehicle, you’re most likely in traffic often or travelling long distances. Dirt, debris and weather conditions can have an effect on the vinyl wrap. Washing your vehicle every one to two weeks will actually save you time, as it will be much easier to clean than washing after waiting a month.

Do Not Have It Waxed

As apparent as it may seem, vinyl car wrap vehicles cannot be waxed. The wax does not protect your vehicle; in fact, it can degrade the vinyl and decrease the lifespan of the wrap. This also applies to polishing your vinyl car wrap vehicle. Adding an additional layer of wax or polish can increase damage and degradation of your vehicle.

Remove Any Stains, Gas or Sap Immediately

It’s nearly impossible to avoid stains from unsuspecting tree droppings to sap falling on the vehicle or gas dripping from the fuel filler onto the car. Although the vinyl car wrap is made to withstand these various stains, removing them sooner rather than later is a preventative measure to help prolong the wrap’s life. To clean the stain, soak the area with warm and a microfiber. Rinse thoroughly when done!

SRS Automotive Tinting Solutions has some of the most innovative, high-quality and long-lasting vinyl car wraps in Vaughan and Mississauga. With a variety of efficient vinyl wraps to choose from to suit your style, our installers will install the wrap meticulously. Get a free quote from us on one of our sleek vinyl wraps!